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April 30, 2015

The Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council Board of Directors will be conducting an emergency meeting Thursday, April 30, 2015 at the Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council Office located at 1241 S.W. 10th Street, Ocala, FL, at 7:00 PM. Please refer to the "Meeting Agendas" section of this webpage for related materials.


The Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council's Regional Directory for 2015 is available on this website. The Regional Directory contains pertinent contacts for the Counties, Municipalities, Legislative Delegation, and other Federal, State and independent agencies that have connections in, or with, the Withlacoochee Region. Please see the link at the bottom of this page, or go to the Documents section and select Regional Directory.

District 5 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Meetings

The District 5 LEPC will be conducting the following meetings for February 4, 2015: A Training Sub-Committee meeting at 9:30 a.m. followed by the full District 5 LEPC meeting at 10:30 a.m. Both meetings will be held at the Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council office located at 1241 S.W. 10th Street, Ocala, FL. A copy of the meeting agenda is available at this link "District 5 LEPC February Agenda". For additional information, please contact Michael Arnold at 352/732-1315 ext. 228 or MArnold@wrpc.cc.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
RE: Annual Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update

Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council (WRPC) staff has administered an update process for the region's CEDS in 2014. WRPC works in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, through the Economic Development Administration (EDA), to maintain an economic development district. Each year, new projects may be added to the CEDS pending final acceptance by EDA. Adding a project to the CEDS allows a local government or other eligible entity to apply for EDA Public Works Investment to help pay for infrastructure or improvement costs related to that development.

In September 2014, the Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council will consider the recommendation of the CEDS Strategy Committee to adopt the 2014 Action Plan Update and direct transmittal to EDA in Atlanta. The Region's CEDS Action Plan revisions include adding 4 new projects and 11 project updates. The two documents can be viewed via these links: "2014 Updates" and "2014 Summary".

Florida Energy Resiliency Strategy

Florida's eleven Regional Planning Councils in association with the U.S. Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, and the Florida Office of Energy are identifying strategies to diversify Florida's energy future and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources. Increased domestic energy usage means domestic jobs.

Florida's eleven Regional Planning Councils have released a stakeholder review draft of the Florida Energy Resiliency Report for the State of Florida. In preparing the Energy Resiliency Report, the team surveyed public attitudes towards energy costs and tolerance for alternative choices; considered the circumstances of energy issues that are specific to Florida; and performed economic analysis by modeling scenarios of different energy policy scenarios or potential future supply disruption events. The report also identifies and assesses strategies that Florida might use to guide its energy future and create and retain jobs. Florida utilities, universities, government agencies, local officials, and businesses were engaged during the report's development. The stakeholder draft provides an opportunity for the entities involved in the document's development process and others to comment on its findings. Click the following link to download/view the draft report. "Florida Energy Resiliency Draft Report (September 2013 - PDF)"

Each RPC will be collecting comments and suggestions from their respective communities. You may send your comments to the WRPC staff contact for this Region, Lauren Yeatter at lyeatter@wrpc.cc. (Comments accepted through October 25, 2013)

District 5 Local Emergency Planning Committee
Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan for the Withlacoochee Region, 2014

The District 5 LEPC HMEP plan for 2014 has been completed and sent to the State. To view a copy of the Plan, you can view by clicking on this link: Please see the Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan for the Withlacoochee Region 2014.pdf

Preparing the Region for Disasters!

The Florida Division of Emergency Management embarked on a project uniting all 11 Regional Planning Councils within the state of Florida in a common goal of coordinating safe and efficient evacuation in all types of disasters. This project is known as the Statewide Regional Evacuation Study Program (SRESP).

The first phase of the Study consisted of a Demographic and Land Use Analysis, Hazards Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Critical Facility Inventories, Shelter Analysis, and Regional Evacuation Transportation Networks.

The second phase of the Study consists of a Vulnerability Analysis, Evacuation Population and Vulnerability Analysis, Transportation Analysis, and Emergency Management Toolkit. A Storm Tide Atlas and Depth Analysis Atlas were also created for each county within inundation.

To view completed SRESP documents, please go to the Evacuation Planning Section of this website.

For further information, contact Lauren Yeatter at lyeatter@wrpc.cc.

Availability of "Shelter In Place" Education
from the District 5 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The District 5 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is pleased to continue the availability of Shelter In Place education. This education teaches a method used to protect yourself and your family in the event of a release of hazardous materials. Typically, a release will be in a gaseous or vapor form which can easily cover a large area versus a liquid form that will be isolated. A release could be from a static location (e.g. a facility which stores hazardous materials) or from a vehicle or railroad accident. The information is designed to bring awareness of an individual's surroundings, appropriate response and protective measures as well as information on personal safety.

LEPC staff is available to present both electronic media and static display materials to groups who wish to receive this educational opportunity. For more information, or if you have questions regarding this subject, you may wish to view some of the following links, or feel free to contact Michael Arnold at 352/732-1315 extension 228 or at MArnold@wrpc.cc.

What is the Local Emergency Planning Committee?
What is "Shelter In Place"?
View a PowerPoint Presentation on Shelter In Place

Lending an EAR to Local Governments

The WRPC is available to assist in the preparation of EARs (Evaluation and Appraisal Reports) and EAR Based Amendments for Local Governments in our region.

Prepared through a public process, the EAR creates a vision for the community and the EAR based amendments enact policies toward that vision. The EAR based amendments also update the comprehensive plan with regard to new statutory changes. In recent years, WRPC has assisted several municipalities in preparing a future vision for the community through the EAR process. WRPC facilitated and prepared comprehensive plan rewrites for Inverness, Brooksville, Chiefland, Inglis and Williston in the most previous round of required comprehensive plan updates.

For further information, including scheduling WRPC assistance with future EARs and EAR Based Amendments, contact Bruce Day our Planning Director at 352/732-1315 ext. 230 or bday@wrpc.cc

Planning Services to Local Governments

An important part of the WRPC mission is to provide planning services to our local communities. The Council currently has ongoing projects with many of our local governments for preparation of land development regulation modifications, site plan review, visioning, GIS services, landscape guidelines, architectural design standards, and many other growth management related activities. For further information contact Bruce Day at bday@wrpc.cc

The 2015 Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council (WRPC) Regional Directory is now available for download, simply go to the Documents section and select Regional Directory.

For facts about the WRPC, click the icon below.




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